Semi-Automatic Wood Framing Machine

Wood Frame Machine - Version 2

The original version of the machine (WFMPV1) was prototyped, and shown to improve the efficiency and safety of residential wall panel construction. Leading the team of mechanical co-op students, we were able to address the issues of the original version of the machine. In doing so, we have created the second version that also allows the use of multiple different sets of tools and allows for the creation of wall and floor panels.

Version 1 to Version 2

Machine Details

Project Documentation

While leading the team through the design process, the creation of various documents was required. To ensure that the team can function efficiently and consistently, the creation of a number of document templates were created, as well as some programs to automated the joining and ordering of the documents. Due to the work of the team, the documentation progress of the second version of the machine was vastly improved over the previous version allowing for future work on the machine to continue unobstructed.

200+ Page Analysis Package

250+ Page Drawing Package

150+ Page Assembly Instructions

Complete BoMs/Cutlists

Example Work - Dragging Jaw Redesign

The dragging jaw from WFMPV1 suffered from issues with assembly, complexity, and general stiffness. To alleviate the issues with the previous design, a new design that simplifies the assembly process, by reducing the number of components from over 50 to under 20. Additionally, the number of pneumatics was reduced from two to one, while maintaining and improving on the functionality of the old design. Finally, by reducing the number of components as well as the size of the components, the overall stiffness was increased.

Version Comparison

Version 2 Configurations

Version 2 Operation