Professional Projects

1,000,000 BTU/hr indirect fired heater.

Automated station that increases the production of wood frames.

Large-scale CNC machine designed to attach/process sheathing for wood frames.

Machine designed to automated the movement and securing of wall panels.

Electro-mechanical system for automating the moving of a wall designed for micro-habitats.

Workstation allowing workers to work on products in the upright and horizontal orientations.

3D Printed and Injection Molded Electronic Device Enclosure Designs.

Personal Projects

Template that automates the formatting of a thesis for the University of Alberta.

Application for determining the 2D positions of coloured markers.

Academic Projects

Program written in MatLab to allow the measurement of strain through images/video.

Machine designed to automate the collection of aligned nano-fibres.

Machine designed to automated the production of 3D braided composites.

Application for determining the cooling requirement of extruded filaments.

Machine to automate the administration of allergens for patch testing.