Electronic Device Enclosures

Beacon Device Enclosure - Version 2

Beacon Device Enclosure - Version 3

Sensor technology often requires an enclosure to ensure that the electronics stay protected. I was tasked with the development of low cost (rapid-prototyped) and large scale production (injection molded) enclosures. The first series of enclosures were designed to enclose a pre-existing sensor, while later developments where parameterized to fit rectangular boards.

Version 1 to Version 3

Sample Parameterized Designs

A couple of the parametric designs: Design 1 is designed to be strapped to a surface; Design 2 is designed to be attached via carabiner.

Design 1 Explode

Design 1

Design 1 Scale

Design 2

Design 2 Isometric

Design 2 Scale

Additional Work

Stackable PCB Holder

Stackable PCB Holder

Solar Powered Wireless Sensor Node (WSN)

Wireless Sensor Node (WSN)